Linda Nurk is an Estonian Swede born in Stockholm, Sweden

As a young adult she travelled extensively as a model before settling for several years in Paris where she studied fashion design at ESMOD and Studio Berçot

After graduation Linda worked as a design assistant in Alexander McQueen’s studio at Givenchy

and continued as knitwear assistant at Chanel (under Karl Lagerfeld)

While in Paris Linda also took part in a number of more avant-garde and artistic projects – notably the first Andrea Crews collection at Palais De Tokyo/Musée De La Mode et Du Costume

Linda launched Lick my label with The Letter collection in February 2005 and received the Swedish Arts Council (Konstnärsnämnden) one year stipendium 2009/10.

After 6 intensive but rewarding years she decided to take a break in early 2011 after release of the Self Portrait collection

Since then her professional career has been divided between carrying out design commissions between Sweden, Germany, UK and France

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